The Canticle Café is many things, some as concrete and material as tables, chairs, computers, tasty treats, food and fresh-brewed coffee. It is a place where everyone is welcome, greeted with respect and dignity, offered friendship, assistance when in need and respite from the hardships of poverty, homelessness, loneliness and fear.

In some ways it is like a school where those who wish may learn specific skills like baking, candle-making, providing hospitality, creating poetry and navigating the world-wide-web!

But, there is also a travelling or itinerant nature to the Canticle Café as Brother Al – by means of story-telling, song and a little wooden vendor’s cart – transports and imparts some of the essence of this place and ministry to wherever he is invited.

The Canticle Café – whether at its physical location at 1209 Washington Blvd., in Detroit or on the road with Brother Al – is a manifestation of Franciscan care and ministry emphasizing the relatedness of all people and the right everyone has to be treated with human dignity, respect and grace.